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Taking a business into new markets is a very challenging pursuit, and still eludes the best of us. Which market to go next? Does geographical proximity make-up for a good expansion strategy? Our team of expansion strategists – with backgrounds ranging from new media to traditional import/export consultants covering a dozen industries can set-up a roll-out plan to take your start-up, or big company for that matter into the next round of growth. As the example goes: If your company is in New Zealand, Australia might be natural next market, but not necessarily the best; as it might be Indonesia (considering the nature of the product). It Is not a clear-cut thing, therefore, expertise are called for.

We cover the globe with our associates located in all the major markets. We operate from hubs, with good access to the major airports, and know-how and most of all the know-who to get the best possible return on your investment.

We build your business, globally. Our entry point could be as early as ‘idea’ stage, and as late as ‘covering a particular region, or city, to make the product truly global’.

Culture beats strategy anytime. We understand the cultural issues relating to taking products global, and how to address them. We have experts in the Arab World, in China, in the Nordics, Latin America and other critical regions.

All it takes is a phone call, or Skype. Let’s start the conversation to take you global!

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